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Built to make life easier for you to send money and value to your loved ones worldwide. We offer you the best rates in the market!

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Why Rhemito?

Used & trusted.

Join more than 2000+ who love and use Rhemito.

26 Countries & more

Use Rhemito daily to send money back home to your love ones.

Simple to use.

Sending money is just as simple as sending a chat message.

Amazing Partners

We work with the best partners in the industry to make it possible to send money very quickly.

How Rhemito works…

Multiple ways to send money

Cash Pickup

Pickup cash from our local agents (Tellars) in minutes.

Bank Deposit

Send money straight to bank accounts.

Mobile Topup

Top up any all network providers directly from Rhemito.

Mobile Money Wallet

Transfers made instantly to Mobile Money accounts.

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